Born and raised on the sunny little island of Singapore, Shern’s first brush with music was with the violin at age 9. His parents made him take lessons, however classicial music was not his cup of tea and he soon dropped it. At the age of 15, Shern discovered and fell in love with the guitar, inspired by bands such as Metallica, Green Day, X-Japan and Mr. Big.

Eventually Shern’s passion for guitar and music led him to become a guitar instructor and working musician, performing at various bars and clubs, weddings and events.

Shern’s first foray into songwriting was in 2009 when he released an instrumental rock EP “Bloom” in the vein of his guitar heroes Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons.

After a few years of teaching and performing, Shern enrolled at Lasalle College of the Arts to pursue a degree in music performance and become a ‘schooled musician’. It was during this time that he learned how to write lyrics and developed a deeper understanding of songwriting.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic which halted all live music performances in Singapore. Shern saw this as an opportune moment to work on his original music. His first self-produced solo album “Chapel Lung” was released on 12 Feburary 2021. With a style consisting of a mix of rock, blues, and pop, Shern’s works are reflection of his varied musical taste.

As the pandemic rages on with the end not yet in sight, Shern continues to teach, and produce music. Anticipating the day when the world can return to normalcy and musicians can return to the stage.