Shern’s first brush with a musical instrument was at age 9 with the violin. His parents made him take lessons but classical music was not his cup of tea and he soon gave it up. During his teenage years, he discovered and fell in love with the guitar and rock music. Inspired by Metallica, Green Day and X-Japan, he formed bands with his schoolmates to play gigs and took part in various band competitions.

After completing his National Service, Shern was turned on to instrumental rock music by a friend. Following the likes of guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons, Shern released his own instrumental EP “Bloom” in 2009. Eventually Shern’s passion for guitar led him to become a guitar instructor and working musician, performing as a guitarist in various bars and clubs in Singapore. 

After a few years of teaching and performing, Shern enrolled at Lasalle College of the Arts to pursue a degree in music performance. It was during this time that he discovered his penchant for songwriting and for his graduating recital, Shern performed a full set of originals on guitar and vocals at The Esplanade. With a musical style consisting of a mix of rock, blues, and pop, Shern’s works are a reflection of his varied musical taste.